• Homework

    Students write homework in homework planners. I will do my best to update homework during the day if it changes, but students should always refer to their planners.

    It's great for students to read for fun at home! Please encourage them to read a book of thier choice each evening! They can read alone, read to someone, or be read to!  All are important for reading skills development! 
  • Monday 12/09
    Math- worksheet
    Spelling- test tomorrow

    Tuesday 12/10
    Spelling- write words 2 times each 
    Science- quiz Wednesday 12/18 

    Wednesday 12/10

    Math- workbook p. 64
    Spelling- menu choice 
    Science- quiz Wednesday 12/18

    Thursday 12/11
    Math- study 2 and 5 times tables 
    Spelling- study words- test Tuesday
    Reading- test Tuesday
    Science- quiz Wednesday


  • Test Schedule

    Spelling- tests- every Tuesday unless otehrwise communicated 
    Reading- every Friday unless otherwise communicated

    All other subjects- at the completion of a chapter
  • Upcoming Tests