• Homework 

    All homework for the week will be posted below on Mondays.  Students will also write their homework in their assignment books. I will do my best to update homework during the day if it changes, but students should always refer to their assignment books.

    *All spelling homework is due Friday morning.*

    Click here to see homework assignments from Mrs. Jaeger. 

    Week of 10/14/19:

    Monday 10/14-
    ELA: RWN pp 86 and 94. Work on descriptive writing if needed.
    Spelling: check daily schedule
    Math: workbook pp 29 and 30 all. 
    Social Studies: none.
    Religion: none.

    Tuesday 10/15-
    ELA: RWN p 84
    Spelling: check daily schedule.
    Math: study for test tomorrow. work on any problems from the previous homework pages to practice. 
    Social Studies: vocabulary worksheet.
    Religion: none.

    Wednesday 10/16-
    ELA: RWN p 88
    Spelling: check daily schedule.
    Math: fluency practice worksheet
    Social Studies: 
    *get test folders signed and return Friday*

    Thursday 10/17-
    ELA: RWN p 93
    Spelling: check daily schedule.
    Math: workbook page 33 odds only.
    Social Studies: 

    Friday 10/11-
    Social Studies: 

    Weekly Spelling Homework Schedule:
    Monday: Write the first ten words three times each.
    Tuesday: Write the second ten words three times each.
    Wednesday:Pick any five spelling words and write one sentence for each spelling word. (five total sentences)
    Thursday: Write your 20 spelling words in alphabetical order. Have a family member quiz you!

  • Test Schedule

    *All study guides can be found on my homepage*

    Tuesday-Simple solutions lessons 9-12
    Wednesday-Math chapter 2
    Wednesday-Clauses and complex sentences quiz
    Friday-Spelling and Reading 

    Spelling Pretest every Monday. 
    Spelling test every Friday unless there is a disruption to our normal schedule. 
    Reading tests every Friday.